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Good information can simplify your work and improve the quality of your decisions. My classes, cheat sheets, and articles for nonprofit practitioners offer information and tips you can use right away.

If your team needs a class customized to meet your needs, contact me using the form at the bottom of this page for an appointment.


Board Basics
This class is ideal for new and potential directors. It covers the whats, whys, and hows of nonprofit boards, and its tips and sample documents help you build a solid base. Learn more HERE.

Rev Up Your Board
This guide offers 7 important, often overlooked keys to boosting your board’s energy and focus. Use the form below to get instant access and to receive periodic email updates about classes, videos, and other resources for nonprofits.

Quick Tips for Nonprofits Video Series
This video series offers tips for nonprofit boards and staff on a variety of organizational topics. I’ll post new videos from time to time, and you can watch them on this PAGE.

4 Tips for Powerful Grant Writing
Think the answer to getting grant awards is to hire a clever wordsmith? Well, solid writing is important—don’t get me wrong—but winning grant dollars begins long before your grant writer sits down at the keyboard. Watch the VIDEO to learn more.

Avoid the Cash Crunch
Have you ever run short of cash despite having a balanced budget? This class shows you how to predict cash shortfalls in time to take action and avoid the cash crunch. LEARN MORE.

Fundraising Basics for Nonprofits
Are you new to the nonprofit sector? This class gives an overview of the fundraising process, walks you through the steps, and offers tips you can use right away. LEARN MORE.

Grant Writing Basics
Are you new to grant writing? Wondering where to start? This class teaches the ABCs of grant writing and gives you tips to keep you ready for the next proposal. LEARN MORE.