Whether you’re planning future operations or new business processes, an objective guide can often simplify and improve group decision-making. So I offer strategic planning and process facilitation that allows your team to stay fully engaged in your discussions.


I spend time at the start learning about your agency’s history and its current work, needs and challenges. I schedule and facilitate discussions with board, staff and other stakeholders. And I facilitate your planning process to draw out your team’s best ideas for the future. I raise questions to help with your analysis and research questions that rise during your discussions.

At the end of the engagement, I provide a written strategic plan. The Action Plan that comes with it is a practical guide for your day-to-day work over the years covered by the plan. You get built-in accountability because the ActionPlan show who does what and when. So your strategic plan is a useful tool instead of a forgotten dust-catcher.


I take a similar approach to helping you modify or create business processes. If you’d like a  20-minute exploratory call to discuss ways I can help you address them, you can schedule it HERE.