Board Basics: Fundamentals for Nonprofit Boards

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Concerned and compassionate people join nonprofit boards to support causes they believe in. Commitment keeps them coming, but boards need more than directors who show up. Directors must understand their legal duties and potential pitfalls, and ways boards can support their nonprofit agencies.

Board Basics: Fundamentals for Nonprofit Boards teaches your directors their legal duties and responsibilities, an offers practical tips for effective governance.

I offer you three ways to attend class: (1) have your directors join one of my scheduled teleclasses, (2) arrange an in-person delivery of the class at your office, or (3) arrange a private, customized teleclass just for your board. This is a must-have topic for directors who are new to the nonprofit world.



  • What a board is and why it is necessary
  • The legal and practical responsibilities of the board and its directors
  • Some of the ways boards do their work
  • How to avoid key legal and financial pitfalls
  • Ways boards govern through different stages of development
  • Tips for forming a strong partnership with the chief executive
  • How to get the most out of committees and advisers


  • This is a 2 1/2-hour class with templates to help manage board business
  • This interactive session helps students connect to real-world issues
  • Students will learn to address or avoid common board pitfalls
  • Time will be available for questions and answers
  • Teleclass access details are provided after registration
  • Onsite engagements may be expanded to tackle the board’s current issues and to more fully address governance techniques

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Photo L FiggsI’m LaCharla Figgs, founder of T.L. Figgs Nonprofit Consulting. Serving nonprofits is not just my job. It’s a passion.

For the past two decades, I’ve worked in and with nonprofits, helping community-based and faith-based agencies with start-up, board development, strategic planning, and other organizational development services.

During my 14 years working for a national nonprofit, I had the chance to train community-based nonprofits across the U.S., to consult with boards, support resident-led change efforts, manage a city-focused grant program, write educational manuals, and do other meaningful work with and for nonprofits.

Quality is very important to me, and I strive to deliver excellence, whether I’m working with a 6-figure client or an everyday person who wants to launch a small nonprofit program. And all my services and products have one purpose: to help community-based and faith-based nonprofits build effective and lasting programs that improve the lives of people in need.

I offer the services below to prospective, new and existing nonprofits. But I also enjoy one-of-a-kind assignments. So, if you don’t see the kind of help you need on the list below, request an exploratory call HERE.

  • Nonprofit start-up
  • Board development
  • Strategic planning facilitation
  • Program design
  • Grant writing
  • Process & meeting facilitation
  • Interim staffing
  • Unique/custom assignments

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No Classes Scheduled At This Time. Contact Me if you’re interested in this class.

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