Change: Coming Soon To A Nonprofit Near YOU

Posted by on Jan 29, 2013 in Change, Leadership, Nonprofits

Change Is Coming

The rumors are true: One thing you can always count on is Change. Things are rolling along smoothly, and……..BAM!! There it is: Change. Sometimes exciting, sometimes depressing, it’s an equal opportunity agent. And sooner or later, it’s coming to visit you.

This blog series will focus on one particular kind of change: Leadership Transitions. A change in leadership can infuse new life into an organization, maintain its course uneventfully, or even start a march to disaster. The outcome depends on many factors.

So Let’s Talk About Change

Over the next few posts, I’ll talk about 5 ideas related to changes at the top:

  • Change Is Unstoppable, So Get Ready For It
  • Change Begets Change (Oh No, Not MORE Change!)
  • Change Reveals Our Best and Worst
  • Practical Tips for Managing Change
  • The Art in Change Management

Changing Vantage Points

I’ve seen leadership change from a few different angles over the years:

My first experience was as the replacement for a manager who was–unknown to her–about to be fired that very day. (Ouch!)

I’ve been a staff member watching helplessly as never-ending change happened around me.

I served with a friend as co-director of our organization for over a year during a leadership transition.

And as a consultant, I’ve helped nonprofits plan for and navigate leadership change.

Sharing Lessons Learned

It’s been an interesting journey, and I’ll share what I’ve learned with you here on the blog. So drop by for the next post, won’t you?

I welcome your feedback!

What’s YOUR favorite story about organizational change? Please leave your comment below, and if this post has been helpful, please share it with your colleagues.

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