Tablet and Charts

Consultation, education and coaching are important tools for helping nonprofits reach their goals. But sometimes you need more direct assistance.

So I offer hands-on help that gives you extra manpower. Whether you need help designing a new program, revising organizational policies, writing reports,  or drafting grant proposals, I can help.


I’ve taken on unique projects, like 9 months as a community outreach coordinator for a grassroots healthcare initiative. For another client, I researched and developed a healthcare services manual to be used by resident services coordinators in metropolitan Washington, DC. And I served as the temporary executive director for a nonprofit serving formerly homeless women.

So if you have a project in mind that’s not so easily defined by a category, let’s talk about it! You can learn about my experience HERE. And you can use the form below to request a free consultation to discuss your need for hands-on help.



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